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What is University Center?

The University Center exists to meet the developing needs of the changing local economy, the South Dakota Public Universities and Research Center provides the greater Sioux Falls area convenient local access to quality academic programs, lifelong learning opportunities and student services. Find out more >

Need a New Direction?

At South Dakota State University we have plenty of those.

There’s something for everyone. Or there’s someone for everything. Or, at SDSU, both. Pick the career of your dreams and use one of our programs to get there.

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  1. B.S. - Sociology

    Sociologists study social life and the consequences of human behavior. This degree has a broad range of study, so you will learn about family problems, deviance and crime, social policy, work, and other contemporary issues faced by families, government agencies and business corporations. . Read More >

  2. B.S. - Interdisciplinary Studies

    Think your career path isn’t at SDSU? Think again, and think about Interdisciplinary Studies. With an advisor, piece together courses to customize your own program to prepare you for the career you want. . Read More >

  3. A.A. - General Studies

    Leave your options open. Get through the general-education courses quickly and effectively. From there, the choice is yours. Go on to a specialized bachelor’s degree or enter the workforce. . Read More >

  4. B.S. - Nursing (Accelerated Program)

    Become a nurse in 12 months! If you already have a bachelor’s degree (in another field) and want to get into nursing, our labs and clinical rotations in Sioux Falls prepare you for the nursing career you’ve always wanted. . Read More >

  5. B.S. - Nursing (Standard)

    New to University Center-Sioux Falls! Earn your 4-year Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing from South Dakota State University without leaving Sioux Falls. By choosing the Standard Option, students will receive quality educational and clinical experience that teaches students to practice nursing with expertise, professionalism, and a passion for helping others. . Read More >

  6. B.S. - Nursing (Upward Mobility)

    Enhance your role as a nurse, improve health care and develop leadership skills to make patient care a better experience. Many of the courses are available online, and this R.N.-B.S. program allows you to move up in your nursing career, enhances the high-quality care provided to patients, and facilitates personal development as a leader in professional nursing. . Read More >

  7. M.S. - Nursing

    Clinical Nurse Leader. Nurse Administrator. Nurse Educator. All highly respected and rewarding jobs, and all available concentrations within the master’s program at SDSU. You’ll care for patients and lead teams that make a difference. . Read More >

  8. Ph.D. - Nursing

    Interested in being a nurse scientist? Ph.D. Nursing prepares nurse scientists to assume roles as health care researchers, faculty, and health care administrators. Make important things happen for future patients. Identify problems and research the issues with the goal of developing and improving health care. . Read More >

  9. B.A./B.S. - Graphic Design

    Design advertising, publishing, films and websites you enjoy every day. This program includes the layout of magazines, newspapers and web pages, brochures and newsletters, company logos, book and CD covers, billboards and movie credits. Graphic designers perform in every kind of visual communication imaginable. . Read More >

  10. B.S. - Consumer Affairs (Consumer Services Management Specialization)

    Do you want to improve the lives of very diverse audiences? Consumer Services Management provides a broad foundation from which graduates can pursue consumer and public relations, strategy development, promotional positions or other careers facilitating consumer/business interface. . Read More >

  11. B.A./B.S. - Entrepreneurial Studies

    Why work for someone else when you can be your own boss? You’re innovative, creative and now it is time to put those skills to work. Gain the knowledge and innovation skills necessary to undertake and operate a new enterprise or venture, either for profit or not-for-profit business. . Read More >

  12. B.S. - Consumer Affairs (Family Financial Management Emphasis)

    Do you want to help people help themselves and achieve their financial goals? This program provides foundation for individual and family financial planning, investment strategies, banking, fundraising, retirement preparation and more. . Read More >

  13. B.S. - Human Development & Family Studies

    Work with people in programs that enhance the lives of children and families. Develop a solid foundation for graduate school or go in one of several professional directions like social, behavioral and health sciences, counseling, family therapy, psychology, social work, business and the Allied Health professions. . Read More >

  14. B.S. - Psychology

    Are you a critical thinker or analyst? Human resources, mental-health services and public service are just a few of the careers graduates of this program take on. Psychology also gives students a great foundation for graduate study and research while, simply put, helping people. . Read More >